Karieng Chili Sauce

SUNSAUCE Karieng Chili Sauce is a Sriracha-style chili sauce with a twisted of hotness— strictly not for the fainted-heart. It is made from Thai special chili called ‘Karieng Chili’ which is famous for super hotness and distinctive aroma. Our chili sauce is definitely will give you a new experience! Good for all grilled and fried food.

Seafood Sauce

Sour, sweet, and spicy are well-blended in the bottle. Go well with all seafood such as grilled shrimp, squid, crab, and cockle.

Bar Be Que Sauce

Rich sesame bar be que sauce drowns out the meat’s greasy taste and a little spiciness add excitement to your meal!

Thai Spicy Salad Dressing

Enjoy authentic Thai spicy salad at home in just 2 easy step— pour in and mix! SUNSAUCE Thai spicy salad dressing is a ready- made dressing for cooking all Thai spicy salad dishes such as Yum-Talay (Spicy Seafood Salad), Yun-woonsen (Spicy Cellophane Noodles Salad), and Yum-Sam-Grob (Triple Crispy and Spicy Seafood Salad).

Goma Tare

If you do not want to be out of trend, SUNSAUCE Goma Tare is for you! Japanese-style suki sauce helps add new flavor to the meal—aromatic sesame is ideal to pair with Odeng meatballs, vegetables, mushrooms and Udon noodles. Also good as Japanese-style salad dressings for healthy choice because of low fat and do not contain mayonnaise.

Karieng Suki Sauce

Our unique signature recipes with the secret ingredient— Karieng Chili. Distinctive hotness and fragrance is perfect for chili lovers. A must try!

Vegetarian Suki Sauce

Hot pot is a healthy meal because of plenty of vegetables and no oil in the cooking process. SUNSAUCE Vegetarian Suki Sauce is the ideal choice for vegetarian and vegan.

Mild Suki Sauce

Mild Suki Sauce is suitable for people who do not eat spicy and children can join to eat Suki. All ages are happy with the Sunsauce Suki mild formula.

Hot Suki Sauce

Our original signature and best-selling item. The traditional recipes that holds the heart of hot pot lovers for 18 years. For everyone to enjoy delightful hot pot meal at home every day.

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Founded on the basis of producing the highest quality products for the customers. Sunsauce’s wide variety of dipping sauces and soup bases are perfect for home and restaurant use. As an innovative leader in the market, Sunsauce’s products will  provide you with the taste of the future.



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