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Sun Sauce

Company History

Sunsauce Foods Industrial Corp., Ltd., established in 1997, was founded in order to produce seasoning sauce under the name “SUNSAUCE“. It was founded by Mr. Natdanai Thanakamalapradit, the company’s current President.

Before becoming the renown food manufacturer it is today, Sunsauce started as a humble family restaurant. Back in 1992, when Suki restaurants were becoming popular in Thailand, Mr. Natdanai decided to open his own Suki restaurant in Amphur Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Kan, under the name “SUNSHINE SUKI RESTAURANT”. The restaurant quickly became popular and well-known amongst locals and tourists because of its good taste, fresh, clean ingredients, and reasonable price. The restaurant’s secret hot & spicy suki sauce recipe was also one of the main attraction that kept customers coming back.


SUNSAUCE as Originator –

SUNSAUCE proudly stands as the first Cantonese – Style Suki Sauce brand in Thailand. We offer the opportunuty for customers to enjoy suki meal at home. Furthermore, we are the first bottled suki sauce in Thai market, we are the originator who is continously searching for new, delicious flavors that satisfy consumers, varying tastes, such as Hot Suki Sauce, Spicy Suki Sauce, Mild Suki Sauce and Vegertarian Suki Sauce.

We promise to continue developing our products in all aspects including stylish packaging, a wide range of flavors, and a variety of sizes.

SunSauce Timeline