Company History

Sunsauce Foods Co., Ltd., established in 1997, was founded in order to produce seasoning sauce under the name "SUNSAUCE". It was founded by Mr. Natdanai Thanakamalapradit, the company's current President.

Before becoming the seasoning sauce manufacturer it is today, Sunsauce started as a single restaurant. Back in 1992, when Suki restaurants were becoming popular in Thailand, Mr. Natdanai has decided to open his own Suki restaurant in Amphur Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Kan, named "SUNSHINE SUKI RESTAURANT". The restaurant became very popular and well-known amongst local people and tourists because of its good taste, fresh, clean ingredients, and reasonable price. The restaurant's secret ingredient hot & spicy suki sauce was also one of the main attractions that kept the customers coming.

In 1997, Mr. Natdanai came up with an idea to produce bottled suki-sauce for customers who want enjoy suki meals at home. Accordingly, the first factory was built in Amphur Nongyaplong, Petchaburi, on 300 acres of land. The land was divided into 50 acres of factory space and 250 acres of chili farms in order to self-supply high quality fresh chili. Since then, Sunsauce has become the first bottled, antonese style suki-sauce manufacturer in Thailand Later on, it broadened its line of products to include Chili sauce, Chicken sauce, Seafood sauce, Barbeque sauce and many more.

Our Founder

Mr. Natdanai Thanakamalapradit is the founder of sukiyaki sauce brand SUNSAUCE, the first bottled sukiyaki sauce that has become the role model for other sukiyaki sauce in Thai grocery market. Mr. Natdanai is currently holding the Managing Director position at Sunsauce Foods Industrial Corp., Ltd., whom dedicates to keep SUNSAUCE ahead of its competitors through product innovations and outstanding quality.

When Thailand was hit by Tom Yum Kung Crisis in 1997s, Mr. Natdanai had turned the stressful situation into an opportunity-transforming his sukiyaki restaurant in Hua Hin to a sauce manufacturing business. Sukiyaki was originally considered to be an exclusive meal at restaurant, but Mr. Natdanai thinks otherwise. People can easily enjoy sukiyaki at home if only they have sukiyaki sauce available at supermarket. It was the right moment to challenge the market trend because the economic crisis constrained people to dine at home.

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Company Policy
SUNSAUCE as Originator.

SUNSAUCE proudly stands as the first Cantonese - Style Suki Sauce brand in Thailand. We offer the opportunuty for customers to enjoy suki meal at home. Furthermore, we are the first bottled suki sauce in Thai market, we are the originator who is continously searching for new, delicious flavors that satisfy consumers, varying tastes, such as Hot Suki Sauce, Spicy Suki Sauce, Mild Suki Sauce and Vegertarian Suki Sauce.

We promise to continue developing our products in all aspects including stylish packaging, a wide range of flavors, and a variety of sizes.

Contributing to the local development

Sunsauce factory is located in the government's investment reinforcing rural area. We followed the Thailand Board of Investment's ( BOI ) policy which encourages the spread of development and the decrease of the income distribution gap, while discouraging labor immigration from rural to urban area and increasing the standard of living for local people.With tax revenues, local institutions can help improve the local community.

In addition, we have also instituted a policy to hire employees from the local workforce and help create stable jobs for local people. We want to reduce traffic problems and help save energy.Our employees are happy to live ten minutes away from their workplace and surrounded by a beautiful, natural environment, in a clean, drug-free society.

Quality Policy
Customer's safety is always our first priority.

The consumer's safety is our first priority. Food's quality relies not only on taste but also on the quality of raw materials and the standard of manufacturing process. Therefore we pay special attention to the hygiene of the entire food processing procedure, starting from choosing quality, preticide-free, local raw materials and then processing them through a manufacturing process that meets internationally recognized standards. Our factory has received many awards such a Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP Codex ), ISO 9001, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ( HACCP ), and Halal food. We are confident that our products are clean and safe to consume under the following quality control policy.

  • Manufacture high quality products under International Standard processing procedures
  • Continuously promoting and developing human resources at all levels to perform their duties efficinetly and safely
Environmental Policy
Save the Planet.

Sunsauce recognizes the important of social and environmental responsibilities, and takes them seriously. We have intregated an environmental management system into our organization according to the ISO 14001 standards and are committed to the following practices.

  • Set up an Environmental Management System and practice it in workplace.
  • Strictly follow the environmental laws, regulations and other practices.
  • Intregrate a waste disposal management system that prevents and controls the leakage of pollution, in order to reduce environmental effects. Help save energy by using it wisely and efficiently.
  • Frequently revise the environmental objectives, aims, and plans for continuous development.
  • Promote environmental friendly morals amongst employees, suppliers, and related stakeholders.
Sunsauce Timeline
  • 1992
  • 1997
  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2011